One of the biggest overhead costs for companies that move products from one destination to another is shipping.  This can also be true if you are relocating from one state to your new home in another.  When you go online, call or even take the trip to the nearest Fedex, you find out the cost of shipping those items can cost an arm and a leg.  USA Pallet Shipping will reduce those costs to something affordable using the same trusted carriers.  you do not have to go with a less quality service in order to get a better price.

USA Pallet Shipping has been in the shipping logistics sector for over 10 years and through those years has developed long term and mutual beneficial relationships with over 50 of the top pallet shipping companies in the USA and around the world. Through the fact that USA Pallet Shipping creates a large amount of volume for these companies they offer us lower rates that are unavailable to many businesses and of course individuals.  We use companies like UPS, Road Runner, SAIA, Fedex and many more to get you a comparative quote that is normally between 50 and 80% less than published online rates.

At USA Pallet Shipping we are not asking you to use a different shipping company, we are asking you to use the same company but get lower rates by booking it through us. We can easily break this down. Recently we were contacted by a company that ships cell phones around the country and they had a long standing relationship with UPS and several other companies.  They shipped between 4 to 5 pallets a day to various destinations around the USA.  Their costs were about $1000 on average per shipment using UPS.  Just by switching and to USA Pallet Shipping those costs were reduced to only $500 a shipment, reducing their costs by close to $10,000 a month….using the same UPS service.

The best part about USA Pallet Shipping is you do not need to be a business that is shipping a large volume, you can be a business that ships a pallet a week or month or just a person that wants to ship a pallet from one state to another during a relocation.  If you are ready to start saving on shipping let us give you a free no obligation quote so you can see the savings yourself.

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