USA Pallet Shipping does more than less than container loads and pallet shipping.  We also focus on  full truck load (LTL) delivery which is safe, reliable effective at the lowest cost possible.   Whether shipping to the next state or just a city over we will get it there on your schedule with our ground transportation logistics.

Just like USA Pallet Shipping’s LTL and Pallet shipping we are using trusted carriers for your shipments like UPS, Fedex and others.  We are not using our own trucks and people to do these shipments we are using one’s that you have trusted and used for years.  Why trust a brand you have not not heard of when you can use the tried and true at lower costs.

With USA Pallet Shipping’s relationships with these large carriers, you get to use our low discounted rates instead of paying what they charge the everyday customer or even the low volume business entity that does not reach the volume required for large price breaks. Why would you pay full price for something if you could get the same service at a fraction of the price?  As a business or individual you know what you want when it comes to shipping. Low cost, reliability and sometimes you even know the carrier you want to use.  We give you all of that with our no obligation free quote.  Check out the prices and see the savings yourself.

Some of the benefits of using USA Pallet Shipping for your ground full truck load freight delivery service:

  • Regional and long-haul capabilities
  • Minimal shipment handling, maximum delivery speed with trusted carriers
  • Ensured on time delivery
  • Professional handling of your shipment with trusted carriers
  • Freight tracking services, so you know where your shipment is at all times
  • Large price discounts over published online pricing from the big companies such as UPS