fedex domestic shippingUSA Pallet Shipping offers you the professional and reliable service of Fedex in the domestic USA for up to 80% off the Fedex Domestic shipping published online rates. USA Pallet Shipping has developed a relationship with Fedex due to our high volume of package shipping in order to pass on cheap shipping rates with FedEx. We have sent  thousands of  parcels every year using the Fedex package delivery service and we can pass these wholesale rates onto you the client.

When you decide to ship via Fedex Domestic Shipping with USA Pallet Shipping, we do not use some random company to come pick up and deliver you valuable items, be it a package for a business client or a birthday present for a family member, we use the same Fedex service you have been using for years. The only difference is that you pay less. This allows you the consumer to lower your courier costs, and still be able to use Fedex’s professional and efficient service.  Not to mention you can log onto the Fedex website to track your shipment just like you always have.  Why pay more for the same shipping service? At USA Pallet Shipping you won’t have to.

There is no downside to using USA Pallet Shipping’s Fedex domestic shipping service. The only difference you will notice is the decrease in the amount of money leaving your pocket or business. We have over the past 10 years developed a mutually beneficial relationship with Fedex that you can take advantage of.  A trusted Fedex courier will come pick up your package or parcel at your home or business and deliver it to the final destination. During the entire process you will be able to use the same Fedex Domestic Shipping tracking that is located on their website to know where you package or parcel is at all times.