Shipping logistics can be one of the most expensive overhead costs for those companies that send and receive packages and pallets on a regular basis. Most businesses out there have their Fedex or UPS account or even have a 3rd party that handles their inbound and outbound shipments, but are you getting the best price possible?

Because of the need of shipping logistics there are multiple providers out there and you most likely do not have the time to contact 5, 10, 15 or even more to get comparative pricing and see if you can save money on this for your company.  You are too busy focusing on other aspects of your business and trying to generate sales and profits.

USA Pallet Shipping works with over 80 shipping providers including the big boys, UPS, Fedex, and others.  In total over 70 different providers with which we have negotiated discounted rates over up to 80% off their published rates.  Most businesses can get 20 to 30% off just by setting up a basic business account with these shipping providers but they cannot get the rates USA :Pallet Shipping has negotiated due to our high volume of shipments.

But I am sure you hear the same promises coming from many shipping companies, I do not want to use any more “words”, let USA Pallet Shipping prove it.  This is not by letting us handle a shipment for you, this is just by letting us get you a few quotes on your average size shipments. We will give you rates from multiple providers and you can make a decision yourself.

If someone told you that you could ship your pallet using UPS for $1000 or you could ship your pallet using the same UPS service for $500, which one would you choose? We are not asking you to switch the companies that are doing the shipping for you, we are just asking you to pay less.

Air Shipping

If you want your packages to get their as quickly as possible to the final destination, our discounted air shipping will do the trick for fast low cost delivery.

Small Package Shipping

You want to send a few boxes but do not want it to cost an arm and a leg, USA pallet shipping offers small package shipping at wholesale rates.

Pallet Shipping

If you need to ship a pallet be it door to door or business to business, USA Pallet Shipping offers up to 80% off rates from the major carriers like UPS, Fedex, and other trusted companies..

Full Truck Load Shipping

Moving more than just a few pallets to your final destination? A full truck load is your best option.  USA Pallet Shipping will ensure the lowest price for delivery.

USA Pallet Shipping Savings

USA Pallet Shipping will save you on all of your shipping needs be in a pallet, small package or a full truck load.  We will pick up and deliver between any domestic or international destination. 
Road Runner60
Southeastern Freight 70
40 Others50
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