For Businesses and individuals that want to handle everything on their end we have a partner program that allows you to have your own login and password so you can book all shipments on your own.  This program is set up for businesses and individuals that do volume shipping.  It allows you to handle all shipping and payments in house instead of going through USA Pallet Shipping.  

The process is easy and we can normally have your own login set up and ready to go within about 72 business hours.  There is a credit check on your company to set up payment terms and then you are walked through an online demonstration on how the quoting works.  You can then book and pay for shipments at discounted rates on your own. We of course will be able to offer any assistance you need along the way.

USA Pallet Shipping has set up this partner program with over 20 different businesses and each and every one of them is now saving close to 50% on their shipping logistics using the same carriers they were using before.  Instead of having to have us quote out each shipment for you, your company can do it all. From comparing quotes, to picking a provider, to payment, to setting up pick up and delivery times and conditions.  

Again this is just for those that are doing volume shipping and plan on using this for more than just a couple of shipments a month. Fill in the form below to go through the process of becoming a USA Pallet Shipping partner.