Often considered a supportive function of a company, shipping takes a toll on your budget and has the potential to stall your operations. It touches virtually all phases of the supply chain, hence a vital aspect that contributes to your overall performance. You may have heard of pallet shipping, but have not known what they have in store. You have come to the right place and at the right time. Pallet Shipping USA is a one-stop solution for all your shipping needs, without depleting your budget.

Ours is a strong connection with the leading freight carriers, which gives you the cost advantage. There the fact that we lead in the volume of cargo transited by these carriers gives us access to 80% discount on their going rates. That means our clients can enjoy lower pallet shipping rates than they would elsewhere, making the much-needed savings keep them competitive. You will not have to change your courier service, hence giving you the flexibility required to improve logistical efficiency.

For instance, you could be using UPS, SAIA, Road Runner or any other shipping companies for your business pallet shipping. When you go alone, they charge you based on the volume you ship, which might be much higher than what we charge. You would rather pay us $500 for UPS to take up your pallets than pay twice the amount to UPS for the same service. Our service allows you to save money to ship more at the costs, suing same reputable couriers.

We understand that shipping does not end with huge consignments, hence negotiated with FedEx for small packages to give small businesses better rates for small shipments. Ours is a service that aims at bringing your goods where and when you need them, without causing delays. Enjoy full track cargo shipping, small package shipping, and pallet shipping services at affordable rates, using the state of the art delivery technology.

Other than cheap pallet shipping, your luggage stays safe thanks to a robust tracking system. Why spend more while you could spend less, without losing the services of the best service providers? There is every reason why many companies seek USA Pallet Shipping for discount pallet shipping.

About USA Pallet Shipping
USA Pallet Shipping offers you the ability to use the same current carriers that are providing your shipping logistics at lower prices. For 8 years we have developed partnerships with companies, such as UPS, Fedex, Road Runnner SAIA and over 40 others. You are already using companies such as these to handle your shipping logistics, why not do it for a cheaper price? Because of the volume we provide these companies we can offer you the customer up to an 80% discount on published rates.

Economy Shipping History
USA Pallet Shipping began in the shipping business in 2008 in Costa Rica and through its contacts and relationships in the industry expanded into the USA market as we opened a new office in Houston, Texas We have over 80 different freight logistics companies that have partnerships with our company in order to pass the wholesale prices onto you.

USA Pallet Shipping Mission
At USA Pallet Shipping we focus on two things; making sure that your deliveries arrive safely at the destination and giving you the lowest prices possible for shipping logistics. Our focus is customer satisfaction.
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